Another week, another fresh batch of piping hot organic free-range GMO-free comments! 

Here's what tickled our fancy this week: 

Craig Flanadu: But they'll get them through a military contractor and will pay $500 piece for them. Kidding aside I think this is a great move.

Nathan Duffy: Not really. When you play a game you’re living in someone else’s imagination, not your own. Video games don’t make you more creative or imaginable in the slightest. 
the reply is the best part... - Ed —
Shawn Michael Sullivan: So I can't play Skyrim and imagine how cool it would be to carry all those gold coins without any effect from gravity?


Save Military and Civilian Life: Deploy AI Robots as Soldiers

Liam Thomas: I have always had doubts In regards to this, do you really think a country that is on the losing end of a war would just stop/surrender when their robots have been destroyed? Don't you think they will just send in people as a last resort. So the idea of a deathless war will never exist.

Alexis Benitez: The presidents of conflicting countries should just battle it out UFC cage match style and be done with it. 

The Sooner You Expose A Baby To A Second Language, The Smarter They’ll Be

Wanda Ferrer: That way of teaching a child to become bilingual actually works. In the household I grew up my father spoke Spanish my mother spoke English, she also spoke Italian. Therefore we Learned three.

Gabriel Sanchez: Some words might exist in one language and not on another. Words ultimately are just labels we use to express concepts. Therefore there are certain concepts in one language that might not exists in another, for one reason or another. Language is the syntax by which we form our thoughts and ideas. So knowing how to speak in a language besides your native tongue gives you more flexibility when thinking.


Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg Spar Over How Dangerous AI Really Is

David Johnson: I lost a lot of respect for Zuckerberg when I first read about his comments on this one issue alone. This a perfect example of a core problem with American culture that causes many other bigger problems ... we assume that a person's level of wealth is a direct reflection of their level/breadth of knowledge on all topics, falsely assuming that correlation and causation are the same thing (if someone is wealthy, they must be smarter than everyone who is not as wealthy). Zuck is obviously a smart guy, but he also became wealthy at a very young age and for something that's very different from how Musk earned his wealth. When it comes to pictures of cute pets, I trust Zuck's opinion most, but when it comes to things that directly impact the fate of humankind, I value the opinions of Musk far more every time ... at least until Zuck proves himself more mature and insightful.

Study Finds If Republicans or Democrats Are More Likely to Believe in Conspiracy Theories

Tamin EmerhyConspiracy theories? Why, that’s just silly. We all know that governments are completely transparent about their agendas, don’t keep any secrets from the public and certainly don’t lie to their own people. Corporations don’t have closed doors and are there to look out for people‘s best interests. We have free choices and aren’t influenced at all by advertising, the media we consume, monetary policy or content that’s targeted to us. Intelligence agencies have never attempted to harm the public and our food is 100% organic. Good night. Sleep tight.