Here is proof that there were advanced civilizations long before the Egyptians and Sumerians.  Underwater pyramids that could only have been built when the sea level was much much lower.  In fact it was during an ice age that it could have only been built, the most skeptical of scientists are saying that these are natural allignments, the less skeptical are saying that they were formed in 8000 BC and the open-minded scientists know that these could have been built in any ice age dating back several more millenia than just 8000 BC.  A tribe on Easter Island (the island with all those stone heads on it off the coast of western South America) say that they are descendants of a long lost continent called Mu.  The people of Mu were called Lemurians.

So people who believe in the Old Testament is the earth really only 7000 years old?

Humans are an advanced people to think that we have only been smart groups since the time of the Egyptians and we have existed since the australopithicus (sp) a couple million years ago.  Time to reconsider everything that we know about history.

Also I'm posting this in the faith section because I want to hear what the red letter Christians have to say about this.