Granted there are those who believe they want to "hear the dirt," and in turn make poor decisions based on such. This is not a sound justification for "filling the trough."

For citizens or media to waste time concentrating on whether Mr. Obama should have his hand over his heart (think about how silly/trivial that is), Mr. McCain and a "personal" relationship from years ago (why wasn't it news worthy then and, continued to be so, to this day?) or Mrs. & Mr. Clinton's unsteady (appearing) partnering towards her candidacy, shows how desperate those who believe they gain from doing so are to find "crap" to point too.

Fortunately there seems to more and more individuals who are exercising their independence and thinking for their selves with the current election. This is evident by the participation at caucuses, rallies, online postings, contributions, etc.

Let's make sure this direction continues to gain strength as it has the ability to over come the lobbyists and special interests who, as more of our representatives are admitting too, have unprecedented influence over the laws and legislation effecting us all.