Apologies for blurring thought and common sense here, but in case the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations were insufficient, we'll add in some out-of-the-box thinking on staying healthy during swine flu season.

First let's review the basics in case you have been getting all of your flu prevention tips off Twitter:

--Wash you hands very well.

--Avoid tightly confined spaces with lots of people in them like subways and cities.

--If you are ill, stay home.

--Eat all the well-cooked pork you want.

After you have stockpiled groceries and hermetically sealed off your living quarters:

--Study up on industrial agriculture; it tends to spawn diseases that kill people.

--Take preventative measures until about September, when a vaccine should be ready.

--Review your pandemic jargon: mitigation, multiplier effect, onset date, spike.

--Understand that new viruses tend to come in waves. The 1918 Spanish flu took about nine months to really take off.

--Know swine flu's history. This mother last reared her head in '76 in Fort Dix. Here's what the U.S. Public Health Service said then.