The sealonline brings me happy I want to write something for you about my feeling originally. But I find that the feeling is in my deep heart when I face the screen. Actually, I do not know what to do.Before I touch this game, I also online frequently, but I don’t know what to do online, even though I bring this emotion to my real life, and I don’t want to communicate with others, I find the life is so sad and not have a objective. When some day, I play in the net bar, I met a person who changed my life attitudinal, she is generalize the sealonline and seal the cheap seal cegel, I am very thanks for hers appearance. She told me to play this game when she knows I was very irritancy.So, I apply for an account, and download the game, get many seal cege. beginning the travel of this game with the curious.When the first time I enter this game, I was attracted by the moving pictures and the charming music.The character in this game is really true to life. The environment is so artistic. buy seal onlineThe very important thing is: I had known her. I chatted for one evening with her; seal online cegel, she is being redundant she and 001 love stories. No, should be is her love story, in my opinion that man only likes her, actually never has fallen in love with her, how or can and she says in the valentine day  her buy many sealonline cege.She cries to smile, the time which cries scolds him, smiles time was saying own happiness. She looked at her diary to me, the title page is she and 001 game picture, side also has the note topicOverall, my life became more and more interesting since I plaid this game, and I made many friends in this game, we play, chat, make the jock everyday, I know people always said, the net is not real, and the online game is falser.But I know, our feeling is real, you are my brothers, and my sisters. I will remember the day we join together, the day we happy together, the day we sad together. Those days, I will keep in my heart forever.