Can anyone explain to me, why the story of Job is considered the greatest story of faith and devotion? Does anyone else see this as an example of an insecure God, that can easily be persuaded by the devil to destroy a man's life just to see if he is loved?

So there's this Guy, that has a great life, a wonderfl family, and is devoted to God. One day the devil gos to God and says "Hey. see that guy Job?, well, the only reason he loves you is cause you gave him a great life and family, without those things he wouldn't like you."

So God says, "huh uh, he loves me."

To which the devil replies,"Oh, Really? well, destroy it all and see if he still cares for you."

Inwhich God says, "Ok." and proceeds to MURDER his entire family, destroy his life, and give them man boils!!! But Job doesn't give up, he still loves God.

So God gets to go to the Devil and say, "See I Told ya."

Who really won this argument? And why would God have anything to prove? Afterall, isn't he suppose to know everything? and didn't he commit a sin by Murdering that innocent family?