I had played the game for nearly one year. I had many friends in the game now. It was the happy time of the last year. I often laughed when I was thinking about that.   I played the game by pure coincidence. It was my wife, she wanted to play game suddenly, and so both of us download the perfect world game and began to play it. We knew nothing about the game at first. We came to the top of the mountain. My wife thought it was beautiful with wing. So she chooses the MM. I choose the same race with her. I was the MG. I was so excited for first time playing. I decided to try to kill monster. It was very hard for the first time playing the internet game. We all lost much Perfect World Gold that time.   I had to recover when I got 20 levels. I did not know call for help from others that time, and nearly had no friends in the game. We went to the 19 levels FB race. It was strange the first time to FB. It was more difficult inside it and outside. I can not fly. I entered the FB race carefully. It was tired. We were all about 20 levels. I fought hardly and my wife gave me blood. We had to buy Perfect World Gold nearly everyday. My two equipments were all broken. I died many times. I lost much blood. The system always reminds me the enemy was very strong, I was so weak.   I made study of the game when I was free. I met two important people right-hand and flying. They were my friends in fact. It was a fancy experience knowing right-hand. One day my wife and I flied to northern city to get Perfect World Silver. There were many people in the front of the door. I wanted to know what they were doing. But I was dead without understanding. I was strange about that. My wife asked me to be careful the boss. I know it was strong. I flied in the sky and found a safe place and landed. I landed beside right-hand. I saw him fighting with the boss. I admired right-hand very much. He told me many things about the skill, and then I tried to add my right-hand as my friends.  Right-hand taught me to make equipment and items to make Perfect World money. I appreciated that very much. When he knows where has the cheap Perfect World Gold selling, he told me without any hesitate. I saved lot of money after I knew him. My wife always asked him to teach him some skill. He was a kind man.