I have the utmost optimism about the Baby Boomers and what we can do to really make a difference in this world today.   I believe there are a whole bunch of boomers about to retire who are waking up (again) to who they really are and realizing that some of the inner explorations they (we) did back in the sixties and seventies was pretty dang good.  We were the love generation after all.  I also believe that we can reset how the U.S.A. culture views age and getting older in general. Most of us have still got a heckuva lot of kick still left in us and aren't near close to being put out to pasture anytime soon. In fact, I dare say that the Boomer generation can design and create a whole new way for us to age and transition out of this life into the next.  I also believe there are adults in their 20's and 30's who totally "get" their elders (us!) because our consciousnesses are the same. They can overlook the gray hairs and wrinkles and go into the sparkle in our eyes. 

Hence, the creation of "The Love Boom" and showing the world what peace, love and flower power really means now, when we're older.  We're not gripey curmodgeony (sp) grumbling falling apart old people (okay, well, maybe sometimes in the privacy of our own homes...) but rather wise, loving, creative humans who have a legacy to pass on to this planet we've called home lo these many years.

I wanted to come up with a name to attach to the idea in people's minds when they hear "Baby Boomers" instead of hearing the drain on social security and the workforce, to hear the "Love Boom". Like it's on little special Koan.