The prophets of the old testament warned us all around 1000 bc that a false prohet would come in a thousand years.

They warned us that he would be charismatic and we would follow him willingly.

The number one comandement and it is not vague or unclear that you shall worship no other gods but me. He even goes further to say that he is a jealous god just incase we werent clear about the number one commandment. What is the rule of thumb for him the only way to heaven is thru worshiping him. Complete contradiction and sin against the number one commandment.

They even warned us again that everyone would bare his mark. What is symbolic and is worn by billions of people on the planet.

Oddly enough everyone keeps waiting for him to show up and its been thousands and thousands of years. Ever stop to think Maybe he isnt showing up cause he already has, maybe he has and has pullen the wool over the eyes of billions leading them astray from the path of rightousness making it the Greatest Illusion ever.