About 20 Minutes into the Grammies I was ready to change the channel. I decided to continue to watch in the hopes of it getting better. At the end I was left with several unanswered questions.....

1. WTF??? where do these awards come from? are the cavemen the judges of this competition? Hope do you win Album of the year, when no one has even heard of your album?

2. After last years little whiney tissy fit, didn't Kanye say he wouldn't be back? and how does that man win anything, he is a talentless hack who has the nerve to ask " Doesn't anyone make real Sh*t anymore" While sampling from DAFT PUNK ( The one who should have won that award, but did he even think them?) This JERK whines about everything, the highlight of the night was when Vince Gill bashed him, that was AWESOME!!! and then Usher threw another one at him.

3. I realized that the night was dedicated to dead artist, no one was celebrating the actual talented artists. Amy Whino(house) recieved numerous awards for ONE song. Alicia Keys, although very talented and I love her music, was celebrated for the most whiney worst song of her career. And people like Shawn Kingston was ignored all together.

4. I learned that to be a great artist and recieve an award you do not need talent. You simply steal other musicians music, have a studio to really dubb your voice to perfection, and then you whine and cry all year til they give in and let you win something.

5. BACK TO Kanye, Why do I despise this man so much? first, he thinks he's the greatest. He's NOT. He compares himself to Jesus, but for me to except that I need to see some walking on water, and for him to give Stevie Wonder Sight. He uses his Mothers Death as a platform, The "tribute" he did to his Mom was horrid, he calls himself the greatest and that was the best he could do? Although any death is a tradgedy, I don't see the relavance in giving this man sympathy? His Mother was an RN, she didn't listen to her doctor, instead she found some Quack that was money hungry that would agree to do the surgery and as a result she died. Now we're all supposed to feel sorry about this? I don't feel sorry for a guy who climbs onto a building and does a belly flop off, so why would I feel sorry for someone who commits suicide by plastic surgeon? If you want GREAT rap artists bring back the GREATS like Tone Loc, Salt and Pepa, Ice Cube, Ice T, NWA, Emenim, these people have real talent, use their OWN music and actually have something to say, other that poor poor pitiful me.

By far the best part of the night was seeing TINA TURNER perform, I've learned that she may be coming out with a new CD, AWESOME. Cher is recording again, Awesome, and my FAVORITE all time singer has just dropped a new CD, Miss TAYLOR DAYNE!!! now the rest need to follow suite and bring back REAL music, so hip hop can finally be put to rest.