It occurred to me that if it were ever possible for me to travel back in time and witness my earlier self, while not interfering in any way with my previous actions, that the prior me would continue about with my already predetermined actions, thus begging the question; Does the earlier me have free will? Or is the universe, ultimately, deterministic?


Supposing I had not interfered with my former self, it would stand to reason that I, the former, would follow along in the same manner as I, the latter, until the prior me was spying on his prior and so on and so forth…unable to deviate from his fate.


How arrogant would it be to assume that I am the present me…or the most future me possible (if that makes sense)?


Do I have free will?


Or is time travel just a bunch of science fiction malarkey?



Yet if I don’t put faith in that malarkey and decide to believe in a higher power capable of knowing all my actions ahead of time, can my will be considered as my own…to be free?