Since this Adminstration took office, the Journalist lost its hounor and its check and balance power. When This Adminstration manipulates the media with WMD. Almost 99% of media lost their checking power, just follow this Adminstration's baton and shout:WMD, WMD., WAR, WAR! The begining of the Darkest age of Journalism. One night before the New Hampshire Primary, 99% of media, pundits and pollsters boldly predict Lady Hillary will lost to Obama in a big margin. The Lower one even taunts Hillary with Bettle's Yesterday. Chicago Tribune nearly repeats the blunter of the Dewey defeated Truman on its front page! What a shame! The more shame is that after the media, pundits, pollsters, they are all wrong to mislead the voter and the readers. They never say sorry to the public. The worst, the stumble one try to scramble excuse to cover his blunter. His excuse, amateur one. Again Jounalistists lost their professionalism. The pity one, a Watergate hero repoter, play a role as horse pundit in CNN. And his prediction, wrong again! The Darkest Age of Journalism! Agree!