House Leader, Lady Nancy Pelosi declared to day (July 21st, 09), she had enough vote to pass the health care bill.  South Carolina Senator, Jim Demint (R) called the Obama Health Care plan a “ Waterloo moment.” The President struck back “That isn’t about me.” He is right, health care bill now become every American’s business.  If it gets passed in both chambers of Congress. The bill will have a profound effect of the future of America!


I do not object a universal health care plan; I just don’t like the timing!


We totally lost eight years in Bush era and have the worst recession on hand. The price tag of Iraqi war will be 3 trillion dollars. The SIG of TARP , Mr. Neil Barafsky estimated the total of stimulus plan plus bailout financial company, may be ended at 23.7 trillions dollars.  The waiting to bust and rescue of commercial estate loan will be 3.7 trillions. Our national deficit now is greater than 11 trillions. The 10 yr of health care plan may cause 1 trillion. But the worst, the job unemployment rate is closed to 10%.  You do not have the Economist to tell you how bad our economic situation still  is. The timing is very bad, very bad for health care bill.


Judging the performance of the Congressman and Congresswoman in the Bush era.  They were always down to 18% approval rate and longtime lower than Mr. Bush. We can assume most of them are falling in the mediocrity ability or lower category. And the worst they are always partisanship for no reason and most of them are still there in Congress.


On July 21, 2009, WSJ’s editorial page, Repealing Erisa called the House health care bill as ”The more we inspect the House bill, the more it looks to be the worst pieces of the legislation ever introduced in Congress!” Thought, to my view it is a bit exaggerated comment and emotional. It did point out one thing needed to be considered. That is a great possibility you “won’t be able to  keep your old health-care plan.”


My humble personal opinion is that we need to plan thoughtfully the following:


1.     There is no guarantee the public option is a quality health care option.

2.     There is a great possibility the cheap public option will push away the quality private health care option.

3.     There is a great possibility, the employer, no matter big coporation or small business owner; they prefer to choose the cheaper option for quality option. (I CAN UNDERSTAND WHY WAL-MART SUPPORTS THIS BILL!)

4.     There is insufficient scientific data to support that under public option can be both cheap and optimal quality health care, and  if these cheap and quality option can be applied in every state in America.

5.     There is great possibility, if this new health care bill enacted, the Government will take up 95% of the bill!  And the total of new health care bill certainly greater than the existed payment. Because of that, I  99% guarantee new  tax code will be introduced and tax will be increased.


Within the Bush era, the Congress had the worst record in history. Almost 99% Congressman and woman passed Bush’s choice of Iraqi war. We pay a huge price! Now I hope they make the right choice: delay the bill until the economy is fully recovery and the job employment rate stays at 3 to 4 %.


Looking at the severity of our recession, timing is not right for this  hurry and imperfect health care bill!