It's about time that the intelligentia of the world become aware of the eternal fact, that the ultimate substance of creation is intelligence, or call it Consciousness. Everything that exists in creation is a manifestation of Consciousness. Consciousness is that which the religions call God, Allah, Shiva, Ahora Mazda, Jahweh, Adonoi, Great Spirit, Tao, Buddha Nature, etc.

Philosophers have called it Being, Existence, Intelligence, Creative Intelligence, the Absolute.

Phycicists nowadays call it the Zero Point field, or the unified field of all forces and matter fields. the Quantum Vacuum state. 

That which is purely abstract, gives rise to all that is concrete. How can it be otherwise?

The Upanishads declare: Anor aniyan, Mahato mahiyan: That which is smaller than the smaller, is bigger than the biggest! 

Our own essence is consciousness. Our essence, which we experience as the self, is that universal field of consciousness, creative intelligence. How can it be otherwise? We are a part of nature like everything else in creation. The greatest speciality of human beings is, that we can reflect upon our origin, our essence. And when we find out our own essence, we discovered the essence of everything else: Pure, unbounded, infinitely, eternally creative consciousness: a field of all possibilities.

In the entire creation, Only consciousness has a sense of SELF. Thus, consciousness gives all sentient creatures a sense of self, since it (consciousness) is its essence. Thus consciousness is the self of all beings, the self of the universe, if you will.

There you are: a short introduction into the nature of consciousness, and its use in the absolute philosophy of life: The consciousness paradigm of reality. Now you are in possession of the ultimate frame of reference for everything: It is the essence of yourself. It is the essence of the world. It is the essence of all concepts about the divine, the creator, God.

So now you hav a new sense of self, You have insight into the ultimate substance of creation, and you know what religions really mean when they talk about God, Allah, Shivam Tao, etc.

Please let me know if you recognize this way of thinking. Does your consciousness resonate with its truth?

Do you have an "AHA Erlebnis"? 

Would love to hear from you.