Thank GOD! He Is My President Now! Yes! We Can! I am the fan of Lady Clinton because I knew the 44th President would face a daunting challenges: Recession and two wars! Unfortunately she obsessed with and trusted the wrong guys-the inevitable fool and mathematics incompetent: Mark Penn. Result: Barack Hussein Obama, the first ever non -Anglo –Saxon-Protestant-white became the President of United States! I doubt first! During the G20 meeting in London! Thought, Pre. Obama still does not have the flash as if the Oxford-debating club- trained British Politician in answering question, he has the oriental Zen power-he can speak like” I come to learn and listen not lecture!” This wisdom of Zen opens the minds of a lot of ambitious, self-serving smart, real smart and able , street smart and womanizing, hypocritical, incompetent but lucky, noble but obscure, dull in appearance but smart in mind, bright but not best, resolved and calculated world leaders to dialogue. Include France’ Sarkozy, England ‘s Gordon Brown, Germany’s Angela Merkel, Italy’s Berlusconi, China’s Hu Jintao, Russia’s Medvedev , Brazil’s Lula, Saudi King and Prince. Sorry! Argentina’s Cristina Kirchner, no shake hand! President Obama should do more jobs on this country beside Cuba! I do not think Sen. McCain would do better than President Obama if he were elected. Up to now, I should say that he is my President. Luckily, we have him to lead us through this Recession. Yes! WE CAN!