T-shirt Idea's

1. There is a Skull on the right hand side of the shirt, and it is hovering above a lake and as you look back you see every ripple that the skull has made to get to the middle of the lake.  On the other side you see the Grim Reaper and it looks like he just got done throwing something. (Just like a child he is skipping peddles but instead of pebbles he is skipping Skulls)

2.  An Anaconda is wrapped around the whole shirt and the anaconda is taking a bite out of one of the shoulders and in the middle of the shirt it says a slogan. Some like "Life can take a bite out you" or "Life sometimes feels like its squeezing you to death" (This is my dads idea)

The Snake

 3. It is a black shirt with white Lettering saying "Someone gets him off my Back!"  And on the back is a Brown monkey he kind of looks like Curies George with a tail and the tail wraps around the persons waste so he isn’t going anywhere and it has wrinkles by the hands it looks like he is actually hanging on.


4.  Okay now I’m rolling the next one has the Normal Evolutionary change and then on the bottom you George bushes evolutionary chain it has only 2 step before it gets to George and George is playing a Video game that as WAR and he is laughing and having a good time. And the top one has all the step holding voting stub saying they voted for Bush and the Human is the only one that doesn’t have one and he is looking down and says What the F$*#.

5. This one I like the best there is a cherry in the middle of the shirt it is a black shirt and the cherry is in a Vise Grip and the cherry has cracked from how tight the vise grip got and you see all this Juice a red juice jump out and on the left hand side where the fighting lever is you see a little nerd with only one hand one the lever and the other one is to his side and he is hanging there.  Then there is a caption that says FINALLY!!

6.  Well this one I don’t know if it would be a shirt idea but it is pretty good. This is more a comic shirt.  Homer Simpson is sitting the kitchen and he gets a beer and he is looking at it and then you see merge come in wearing something sexy and then homer has to choice beer or Sex hmmm so he looks back and forth from merge to the beer.  and then his imagination takes over and you see the same scene but homer doesn’t have a beer but merge walks in but it isn’t merge it is a Duff Beer can in the shape of Marge and then the next thing you see is the door to their room and you hear click click click and then homer saying ooh baby!! And then Bart comes home knocks on the door and says homer when you open one drink you have to drink it before the next one. 

Not a Shirt idea

7. Last one I just made it up I don’t know if it is good but in the middle of the shirt there is a Pot plant and on the top it say "Happiness does grow on trees"

 Here is another one; this one is about Paris Hilton being in jail

8. It shows a jail ceil from the outside looking in, it looks like a normal jail ceil.  But, on the left hand side there is a Big Black woman facing the two beds to the right; her profile is seen; while zipping her pants up. On the ground by the toilet is Paris Hilton kneeing on the ground with a hand full of a yellow liquid.  The liquid is also on her face by her mouth I wonder what she was doing, She is looking at the view at the person looking at the shirt and she says “That’s Hot” tell me that isn’t funny…

9 This is the last one I can remember having it is a bulls eye with in front of the shirt there are holes in the bulls eye where shots where hit.  On the back is a picture of Iraqi bleeding from the bullets.