...one even the Beach-Boys would like. The computer I made is from the idea of making a computer more ascetic, less institutional. The main component is the same across the line. and most of all it is streamline. I have the Hang-10 Board which is model h10b or part number H_10_OTBD, it come standard with a Lite-ON/Light-scribe_DVR Drive, along with a 300 GB HDD, 2GB of RAM. The OS system is by request and the processor is either AMD or Intel. The cases are so slim that I only offer it in SS coated in Black finish or a SS case that is buffed and polished. I also just made a Prototype in off white lacquer like a real surf board., even offering stock beach branded stickers. the MSRP for the entry level I listed is 695.00 a one year warranty on vendor manufacturer defect and 90 day on peripheral parts, the Highest MSRP, the Bauhaus I have going out the door is 2,100.00 USD, it is a cased worthy of a display and use at Buckingham palace or just a make shift set up of a recycled plank and 2 step ladders at a dorm room at Wellesley College. One day I hope to produce my own cases, instead of buy premade cases wholesale. it would lower the price just on shipping and quantity requirements. Signed _ Finn Perkins, FinnPerkins.com (C) (TM)