SubscriptioninfoI realized that in two years I had never added a link to subscribe to Dangerously Irrelevant via e-mail. LeaderTalk has had such a link since its inception. So I created one in Feedburner. Clicking on the Subscribe via e-mail link takes you to a web page where you can enter your e-mail address. Hopefully this will be a good option for administrators and others who aren't ready yet for a RSS reader.

I also added this blurb to the navigation menu:

I rarely look at for-profit PR pitches. If you send me something, please ensure that it relates to the topics of this blog: technology, leadership, and/or school reform.

Hopefully this will cut down on the number of unsolicited publicity requests I receive from corporations touting their latest miracle initiative for schools. I know they're well meaning – and I recognize that the initiatives actually do some good – but I think that most of the projects just tinker at the margins and basically are more about the corporations than the schools. This is not a surprise, of course. Thoughtful corporate assistance to schools that makes a real difference still is hard to find. If you know of any such projects, please share them with the rest of us (and tell us why you think they're making a difference so that we know you're not just a corporate shill)!