The nature of stock index futures and stock transactions are very different, so investors participating in the process of stock index futures trading on stock transactions and also not the same. Generally speaking, investors in the stock index futures to participate in the business process has several steps.

The first is to open an account. The so-called open an account, means that the futures companies to open special accounts for futures trading. Accounts of "real-name system" principle, investors must have laws and regulations "for futures investors," and must be signed "futures broker contract" (trading directive, capital allocation of power of attorney), the Stock Exchange of customers fill out the application form and a series of coded documents .

This was followed by the gold. Investors in the accounts, transactions, to be funded. Clients into the funds should be paid in RMB. If the funds transfer was conducted in a way, with units to be consistent with the customer to open an account name, which do not meet to vote by the units should be issued a written certificate of funds. After receiving customer funds, to conduct futures trading.

The third part of the transaction. Futures Exchange is the most important way to help themselves by computer, customers can own through LAN, WAN, the Internet and other instructions will be conveyed to futures trading companies trading server, and then reported to the Stock Exchange. There are phone orders and instructions in writing two methods as a supplement. A complete transaction orders must include the sale of direction, open positions, price, quantity, time and commissioned by the effective ways.

The fourth part is clearing. Investors trading, futures companies in the day after the close of the day to settle at the settlement, identified accounts rights and the balance of funds available. Negative balance of funds available, to be in the next morning before the market opened up, otherwise, will be the implementation of mandatory positions. Futures companies will be settled daily data sent to the China Futures margin Monitoring Centre, the obligation to investors monitoring center site by logging in the HKEC understand their situation.

The fifth aspect is the delivery. If investors hold open contracts to the last trading day, began to enter the settlement areas.

The last link to gold and is sold households. To the principle that a payment into account and the account must be consistent. When investors no position, and no longer engage in futures investment, the sales may fill out the application form households, confirmed accounts, the approval of the Company's audit procedures for sales households, investors sold for household process, that is the end of the brokers and futures companies Contractual relationship.