Am I the only one who remembers the old adage, "Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me."?

Why are we so politically correct? When did we start allowing Words to have such power?

I had a discussion with a very dear friend of mine about the use of the word African-American, I personally Hate the term. To me it is still derogatory, if not worse. to me it still seperates. We will call you African-Amercian, because you're not good enough to be called American. We don't use the terms Germany-American, Japanese-American, Mexican-American, So why seperate any other groups? I still use the term Black, I mean no disrespect, it's only a discription. I'm called white, I'm not white, but think it odd if I were called peach, or tan, or khaki.

There is som much outrage over the N word, It has become such an offensive word that you dare not even say it, instead you say the "N" word and people know what you are talking about. I feel like I've slipped into a Harry Potter novel. "The word inwhich we do not speak" How did this happen? How did a word become so powerful, so Monsterous that the mere mention of it, bring chaos and anger. I refuse to allow any word to have that much power. As a gay male, I have been called alot of things. I have heard people yell out Faggot, Queer, Fag, and several other. Doesn't bother me, couldn't care less about it. I would rather someone call me names, than to beat me to death with a baseball bat. (remember the sticks and stones thing, sticks really hurt.)

As for those of you out there that are confused on the hypocrisy of the "N" word, why one black man will call another that word, But you get shot if you try it. It's quite simple, YOU"RE NOT BLACK!!! it's the same in the gay community, I can call another gay man a Faggot, or a Queer, and its all good. I mean really its the pot calling the kettle, sorta like if a white guy calls another white guy a Cracker, How could that be offensive? you're both Crackers!

I like to point out the stupidity of words, I do every chance I get. I have a whacked out sense of humor and my friends know it. I call them Crackers, or Beaner, and they call me Fag. It means NOTHING to us, because we refuse to allow a word to lessen us in anyway.

Grade school is over it's time for everyone to grow up and be mature!