We have fundamentalist theists and every other religion believing in God's in the sky and on Mt. Olympus on one end, we have atheists on the other.  In the middle there are spiritualists, pantheists, agnostics, and eastern philosophies/religions.

I'm pretty sure we have all heard of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and most of us have read it.  Remember the 3 soups lined up, the dads was too hot, the moms was too cold, the childs was just right right in the middle.  The dads bed was too hard, the moms bed was too soft, the childs was just right right in the middle.  And yadda yadda we all know how it goes.

Now lets look at faith and beliefs in the same manner, fundamentalist theists have a good concept of love and understanding and living a good life but there is no real solid facts to rely on.  The atheists beliefs are very solid facts and can be proven right through physical evidence, but there is no room in there for non-physical effects that we as humans can recognize, that would include but not be limited to dreams, thought process, original creation of the universe and what was before it, unconditionally understanding and loving your neighbor, and a feeling of unity and harmony/disharmony with those around you.

Now wouldn't a spiritualist, pantheist, agnostic, taoist, or buddhist be just right?  They are right there in the middle accepting both the physical and the non-physical with healthy skepticism on both ends.

When it comes to an individuals beliefs we can't all agree though, that's why there are liberals and there are conservatives, there are the bad guys fighting the good guys, there is always two sides when it comes to peoples "beliefs" for some reason, are those really YOUR beliefs?  My question is why do we have to force our beliefs down each others throats?  Individual acceptance of existance and creation should not be black or white because there should not be sides when it comes to what YOU truly believe in.

I don't understand, what's all of the fighting for?  There should be no aggressive behavior on theists or atheists sides, there shouldn't be theists and atheists in general.  Theists fail to realize that their religion involves a lot of mysticism and made up "facts", and the atheists fail to realize that there is more to our existance than just chemical composition of matter and what we can see with our eyes.  I know for the logical person the latter sounds hard to realize, and I know for the faithful person the former seems hard to accept.

Think about yourself being Goldilocks when deciding to be an atheist or a theist, from there you will find out what is juuuust right ;)

Feedback and comments would be much appreciated.