An ordained priest is caught frolicking on Miami beach with a consensual female. A Mexican paparazzi photographer catches hands in swimsuits and a variety of other R-rated positions. Is this moral Armageddon for Latino Catholics or an indication of a much-needed update to strict priestly vows?

Father Alberto Cutie sparked a wave controversy in his recent three-day romp with an unidentified female. When the photos were released to the media, Cutie was stripped of his role as administrator of his Miami beach parish and his popular relationship advice show, Hablando Con Padre Alberto (Talking With Father Alberto) which aired on the conservative Catholic network, Eternal World Television Network, was canceled. Cutie has publicly asked forgiveness on his website.

Telegenic and wise, Cutie's demotion has garnered strong opposition from his Miami congregation many of whom believe Cutie should allowed to pursue a sexual relationship. One area commentator observed that the  interdiction on relationships for clergy was as "outdated as the Inquisition." But mainline Catholics, especially in the conservative Latino community, disagree and say Cutie should be punished.

The argument over liberalizing restrictions on Catholic clergy pursuing relationships is hardly new. But, as with the abuse scandals that consistently wrack the parishes, restrictions seem to do many Catholic leaders more harm than good. But could a loosening of hard-and-fast rules be on the horizon? To help with an answer, it may help to know the history of sex and intimacy in the Bible.