Watch "Zietgiest" the movie, research it! Also, Webster Tarpley is an amazing citizen, he will rock the world if people will actually listen to him. These are the main fires under me, but the questions have always been there. We are a world population of innovators, not zombies. Show this, show how smart we are, everything you read, or see tells us we are all the same, I know this isn't true and so do you, so how can anyone know what is best for us, except those who know us best. Every person has their own stories and history, stop being told what is important, and find out what is important to you. Love, Life, and Family, that is all there is, everything else is drama and details. Nothing but these three matter in the "real" world, the world according to you. We can change the world, we can make it what we as a world population want, Truth and Honesty. Also, watch the movie "The Waking Life", it is a little out there, but Listen, it will shake you down to the core. Remember, we are as important as the people running the government, why do we not feel like it. All we have to do is ask questions, and we will find out how not alone we really are. Citizen4Change