I am a little bit rusty on a few of the things I learned in my freshman year, but as one of my meteorology courses that I took was a course on global climatology. Some of the things I remember from the course was general global rainfall patterns, wind flow, what surface types drive and are driven by different climates, and some of the particulars of what changes are happening and where to expect it most.

 Firstly, I will say that as of at least the last decade, the earth has been warming. In general, the earth has been warming for even longer than that. The first chart that anyone who is a pundit of global warming agenda will show a chart that shows that from a certain point in very recent history the yearly average temperature temperature change has increased. They will then go further to show a prediction that in the next 30 years what temperatures to expect.

I have a number of issues with this. Firstly, degree of global forecasting that we have today essentially started in the late 60's and 70's. So we simply don't have enough information to say if this is a permanent trend. Going further, we don't have enough data to say with a major degree of certainty what is causing the warming. Our pollution could be a major factor, but there are other planetary features that could be a larger factor in this growth. Lastly, I remember reading something about "Global Cooling" back around the time of Reagan's Presidency.

Secondly, as much as a lot of people will not admit this, a large number of the results of the environmental movement have generally been good. Our cars are starting to run cleaner on less gas without sacrificing power. Our industries have learned how to streamline production, which lowers the costs of production, lowers the cost of the product to us, and reduces the environmental impact. Pollution equals increased costs for everyone, so anything that pushes us to cleanup will help in the long run.

I will most likely try to add more later, but for right now I'll cut off here.