January 4th, 1982 is forever burned into my soul. This was the day … this was it! Some call it the rebirth. From a hellish plot in the heart of the Central American jungle, Known to myself and my team as … Sector 3. “Moosejaw! Mikey! This is RadRod! This is RadRod! The rebels are trying to overrun my position! Eight-six that! The rebels have overrun Sector 3! Repeat! Sector 3 has been overrun. Stay clear! Stay clear! Oh hell! This is it.” I made my quick mends with the Maker. I thought about my wife and son. “Mikey! Mikey! Tell Lynnette I love her. Moosejaw! Take care of my boy.” And that was it. I looked North toward home as images rushed Through my mind of my wife and son, and my family. Then our clips ran empty. Blood seeped from my eyes As the rebel band tortured me, Breaking my face, fracturing my shoulders, Dislocating my hips, slashing my achilles, Cutting and stabbing my hands … attempting to crush my spirit, Leaving me to scream silent cries As I suffocated my painful malady within, Cause I wasn’t goin’ to give them sons of bitches the satisfaction of seeing me beg … I was ready to die. I accepted my fate when they held my 9mm to my head, For in my mind, I thought to myself, “They’re going to shoot me cold blooded dead.” I mumbled, “Screw you.” But they didn’t shoot. The rebels broke camp and just left me … Left me to die. I still know not the reason why … Why God wanted me to live … To survive. For three days and two clicks, I dragged my battered body through steaming dense jungle. Tangled and constricting; Hellish, then heavenly, In the way the sunlight pierced the foliage overhead. Finally, Moosejaw and Mikey found me. They kept tellin’ me I was goin’ to make it. They told me the rebel band had been wasted. All I said was, “Good!” The Port of Free is where crack whores and rock junkies Look for a trick and a fix to score … After the midnight hour. “When did sweet little Margie go wrong?” Such is new age America... Land of the freelance peek; Home of the spaced-out freak. The Toll of Life is scarred upon my hands. I’ve traveled many roads; I’ve seen many fall. I know where my destiny lies.