What is Scientology? Scientology is about the individual man or woman. Its goal is to bring an individual to a sufficient understanding of himself and his life and free him to improve conditions in the way that he sees fit. While this premise seems undeniably fit for a rational life, the latter steps of this program serve only to indulge one mans arrogance. That man being L. Ron Hubbard. While he may have suggested many practical solutions to life, many followers have failed to differentiate the positive philosophy from it's irrational belief structures. L. Ron. Hubbard was a very smart man and an intellectual superior to myself, but so was Adolph Hitler. I don't mean to make that comparison in mindset but only in the desire of power over his fellow man. Power is a very disengenious concept. If you could, I would ask you to consult David Karesh(spelling uncertain) on this subject. What is this demand by human kind for something to believe in beyond the empirical? It has existed for all time as we know it and will continue until all who read this die.(Death is not the end but a new beginning..Deepak Chopra "Life after Death". Emotions, drugs and socialogical problems will continue to be problems for the forseeable future. I myself am an addict. I need not question your motives or use of drugs(a very controversial definition of which exists). I'd rather claim inferiority over my fellow man than superiority. While I may possess the rationality to achieve greater goals, it is certainly not a practical pursuit. It has been proven by history that those who possess intellectual superiority to others, do not necessarily achieve greater life goals. I can say these things about my own life. I am a charlatan, a liar, and to some extent a faker of reality as it pertains to my own life. I have always known what the right path was. Without question I have known. Unfortunately I cannot seem to apply this to my own life and have failed at many efforts. The bottom line being...we can be as intellectual or as knowledgable as can be concieved but our DNA fails us. It provides all the answers but offers too many self delusions. The human biology may be a concept beyond our complete understanding, but even such a complex system can fail at critical times. The integrity required to practice what we know to be right is nearly(and I emphasize nearly) an impossible task. Listen to your known superiors, for they can determine what is best for you better than you can. This is an undeniable truth. It's practicality I leave to you.. I have veered far from the Scientology concept but in knowledge lies my vindication. The human form is imperfect. It is not "god" created but a biological result of physical matter. We can only seek perfection, but by definition it can never be achieved. The good lies in the struggle and not the aqcuisition. Such is the definition of progress. Not Scientology, Christanity, or any other faith based religion. You must always trust your intellect and void your biology. We (humans) are the best that the Earth has yet to offer, but far from perfect. I welcome all opinions??? JG TheTrutH