The left side of your brain is the rational thinking side of your brain. This side deals mainly with mathematics, logic, and science. The right side however is the intuitive thinking side of your brain. It controls your ability to think creatively, and see the whole picture, so to speak. Using it in conjunction with the left side of your brain allows you to see life from many different perspectives. a person in touch with the right side of their brain is also

in touch with their nature, their instincts (yes humans have them), and their feelings.

It also deals with the brains ability to understand religion.

Is it too far off to think that the parabel of creation sounds a lot like the fairy tale of the fiery behemoth of an energetic reaction which rationalists and scientists have come to believe as the most plausible theory of the creation of the universe and cosmos (Big Bang)?

For instance,

"The analogy between the rational story of a universal physical descent by light into the asymmetry of mass, time, gravitation, and charge, and the subsequent process of recovery via conservation laws, and the intuitive tradition of a cosmic "fall" into manifestation and sin, followed by the recovery of lost souls, is startlingly complete. Whether we are talking about the conversion of particles to light or bodies to spirits, the conservation of souls or the conservation of symmetry, the gravitational rescue of the physical system or the spiritual redemption of humanity, the process is so similar, on both the individual and cosmic scales, that we can only believe that rational and intuitive minds have embraced a single reality. - John A. Gowan"

Science explains the origin of the universe as a massive burst of energy which is both non-dimensional and of infinite proportions. Something so grand in scale that science has no actual facts or details. This is science's way of saying they have no clue what actually happened, just a general idea of what it would take. Religion explains this event as creation by a supreme being(s) using a series of parabels to describe a scene that if thought about rationally would make no sense to modern humanity, and easily passed off as just a fairy tale. But if thought about creatively, one can assume that both theories are not far off from one another as each explains the exact same sequence of events, in its own way.

It is in this knowledge that I conclude that without Science, there would be no religion, and without religion, there would be no science. For one half of our brain percieves intuition and creativity, and the other half rationalism and logic, it makes sense to believe that both are percieving the exact same reality just in different ways, using drastically different trains of thought to explain it.