i take my nephew to school in the mornng.

he's six and the smartest kid on the planet.

i know i'm veiwing him from auntie vision, but he's amazing.

he hates his school, and i dont blame him.
his spelling words are a joke and has spent the past  7 months on practicing to write his name, an ability that he mastered at 2.

he use to go to a charter school where his teacher let him do second grade work.  she balenced 27 kids on every specrum of the learning curve and brought them all up.

despite all that, the school was deemed a failure by the no child left behind act.

and so, we send him to ms. wards class where he spends countless pieces of paper practicing how to write the letter G.

so as i'm simultaniusly driving him to school and quizzing him on his spelling words: yes, no and good, i fall behind one of those "proud to be an american" guys with an "AMERICA---Love It or Leave It" bumperstickers and a george W bush sticker.  i also notice a sticker of a bald eagle writing the constitution.  which brings me to laughter.  i mean eagles are the assholes of birds, and the bald eagle is almighty king bird asshole.  i wonder if the guy in front of me has ever watched a documentary on bald eagles or seen them in the wild.  they'll kill a bird just to steal his fish.

now dont get me wrong, i love america and all the freedoms that this country has endowed me with.  my mother's family fought in the revolutionary war, and as for my dad's side-- well we all know what slavery has accomplished for this country.

but i do watch the world news and i catch c-span a couple times a day.  i see the fucked up things this country does.  i've seen the president bomb arab country after arab cuontry and then is "moved to tears" when he sees the people struggling under the ruins.  i know about getmo in cuba and the secret prisons on american soil.  i'm not ignorant enough to believe that wire tapping is going to stop "terrorist cells", and i'm not blind to the fact that the guns that hezbulah and al queda shoot are american made.

so after some thought i realize taht perhaps a bald eagle writing the constitution isnt so off.  we are the assholes on the geo-political scene, so it only fits that we're represented by the assholes of flight.