Today is New Year, we children are all expecting for this day, because in this day we can get a lot of New Year gifts and much money. And all the friends and relatives will get together to celebrate it.

In the morning, when I was still in my bed, some of my friends come to my home; they called me to play online games. But I say to them that I can not, because I do not have enough Rose zuly to continue my game. But they do not believe my words, they think that I have already got some money from my parents and so I can buy rose zulie to go on playing. But I tell them that I have not yet get up, how can I get some gifts?

Not succeed in call me to play the game, they are all disappointed and left. I am very sorry too. Then I get up to have a wash and have my breakfast. To my surprise, I find that there is a game card, which is the game I always played once. I bring it to my father and ask him where it is come? My father smiles to me and say that is my new years day present. I can not believe this. But you have told me do not play the online game, why you still buy me the game gold card? There maybe a lot of rose online zuly in it. That is sure. Father answers. I have never thought that you will buy me this. I say to him. He then says: he understands me, he knows what I like and he knows my friends will call me to play the game today. So he chooses this gift to be my New Year gifts. I was inspired by my father, I gratitude him with tears. Then he tells me to take the rose online zulie to catch up with my friends. I am afraid to moving, because I have not adapted to his attitude like this. But he pushes me quickly and let me call my friends soon.

I am very excited and rush to them in a happy mood; I tell them that the Arua ROSE zuly is from my father; they do not believe me and say I was telling a lie. I say that is true, and tell them I can not play in my study time. If that, he will buy me much more game gold the next time.

I thanks to my father for his understanding on me.