I believe that was love at first sight, so I know the truth: in love with a person only need a second time, but you need to spend a lifetime is the time to forget her. This is what we often say that love.

  I do not know that I love her to spend the amount of the time; I do not go to the operator. But I know that I can not forget her, I have chosen to leave Rohan, even if I spent much Rohan Crone in the game. I have a lot of comfort when I said that as long as I have the courage to leave, I will be able to forget. But today I found that difficult to do that, really very difficult. What can not be left only do deceive my own.

  Men do not play emotional things; feeling is a woman in the world. If playing on the men doomed to a life. Men to recover the woman is just a feeling, with men and women recovering it is the various conditions, for instance, to rich, prudent, but also the obedience of their own in every possible way. Women need to become salves of men they hope that their men are brave. So with this sentence: men like women recovering plenum wall, a woman recovering men like plenum yarn.

  But I will miss her in this way become the slaves. In the Rohan game, I have no much Rohan gold, but I still satisfy her. Even if I had become slaves, I still await. Even though I know that she has not come back. A man sometime is so stupid. Know that is impossible to go all out to do.

  New Year Day seems to be approaching; I think there had been fast one year. I do not know can be taken away to an unwritten miss in this New Year. I know that I love you is the fault of my life, but I would prefer to continue in this way has been wrong, If one day I do not love you, then I mist be an unforgivable mistake. I have missed the time of life, but if I miss you, I let what. If so, I would like to reiterate to you that I love you. I also remembered that we brush monster and earn cheap Rohan crone at that time. We are very happy. But now it is changed.

  A second is the life; know that this is a wrong to do so for life. I do not know I spent my life to love you whether is right, bit I only know that I fell in love with you one second that there is nothing wrong. I hope you can come back; I am waiting for you in Rohan.