I originally prepared to upgrade 96 levels and earn more ragnarok online zeny, shall not be ended, I was coming to here and write some things, I did not write for a long time.

I gave up RO for a number of years, I am in the middle of the game more than N migration, and finally, I still come back. I applied a new number. Because it is the first I play online games. Here, I have to much emotional investment, Originally thought, N years, I forgot enough, I never thought I would once again echocardiography, I have been took to play this game again by my friend. She is the RO friend ago, and that she has married, now she had baby. Opening number, M4 has been a favorite role, although I was playing ID, because the blood and the Ragnarok zeny were less often, but I did not regret it. The friend took me to the game, but she own was leaving the game. A person to game is boring, every day, I only know to upgrade and earn ro zeny. I can not sad dot this mess of feelings and moving. Once, the two boys for me quarreled utterly, until I leaved and tool sad. Later, I found a boy to married, I think perhaps all this to change, and I pray to become a reality, a few days after he disappeared. A person was playing a marriage number, what would it have taken place. 95 levels, to me this had been a friend of the people around, the new service first hand the hand of a person to manually 95, it is really difficult for my themselves, but I have been have a lot of iro zeny. I always adhere to and keep a distance from everyone. Until now, I did not have a true friend, although I was a lonely, although I did not like the other players that they have many friends send them cheap zeny, I must be rely on myself, at least I will not hurt anybody, and perhaps this is kind of happiness.

Working fired, and I played every day at home, I suddenly found that a person is really very lonely. I remembered one day, a stranger friend helped me. I asked him why he had to help me, he asked me, RO, the initial move, if I know that the meaning of it. I said I did not know. He told me it is structures friendship. Here there are your friends, my friends, friends help each other. I suddenly understand that perhaps I really wrong. Perhaps I should let the past I came back, the memory of closure for a long time should be open.