I am an ordinary online game enthusiast. January, I walked inside into a new world called RF. In this new world inside, I find the feeling that all games there have never had. I also the first time spent money in the online to buy RF gold. I would like to put the feeling of the article inside, thank all the friends in RF, and wish you happy.

  I am a faithful player of RF, in a few years ago, the old version of the RF out soon, after friends introduce, I take the heart out of curiosity and excitement into the feelings of the magic charm to the inside of the New World began my journey. At first I entered into the game, opening a map and figures in my heart. During the long period of upgrade and earn RF online gold, I know a lot of friends. Later, the president of RF hero, LATE entered me to this association. So I know my paradise Nana, and some friends. Bu then, I added AQQI. And a variety of reasons, and the summer of cake, magic rabbit, blue shocks, such as several friends built a new council: Return of the King. And I recognized the beiertuo brotherhood. As the help of this friends and will help in growing, and this time sheikhs left the group B, the new president rose, lead us to defend the B group. We Society of Friends also actively participated in the mine warfare, winning glory for the family. Later, because a number of reasons I left the RF. And I took my all RF money send my friends.

  Later, in January of this year, I have entered into this long hoped for world. Following in their previous game, I have some experience, at first I bought some RF cp to arm my number, so I grew up gradually. Later, I joined the empire of darkness, I recognize some friends. Later matured, I separated from the darkness; to join a trade union has just established a new, expanding trade union began a journey, and I recognized a lot of friends.

  During the time pass, my union was larger; my union members are very solidarity, when some people have difficult, we all go to help. I also remembered once a people’s number was stolen, and his things were lost, we all took my only cheap RF gold to let him buy things. We played very happy in the RF game.

  In the next world, I have very happy because I have a large group of cute, kind hearted and good friends, brothers, sisters, now I recognized a lot of friends, I am grateful to over many of my friends and I wish everyone in the world of RF can happy, no worries.