Since the Earth and it's inhabitants, humans, are pretty intertwined with each other I've decided to call this Retarded Earth instead of Retarded Humans or something along those lines.

The social memory complex of Ra stated that the humans who inhabit earth are largely seen to be orange-ray mind complex.  Orange-ray means that it is the second color of true light, which is second density, which is the density of seeking self-awareness.  So we humans are orange ray minds, yellow ray spirits, and our bodies are yellow ray as well because our bodies are a little more evolved than our 2nd density friends the animals who live alongside us.

So if you look at it like this, our spirits are self-aware or more evolved than animals, our bodies are self-aware or more evolved than animals, but our minds are on the same level as animals.  Who are we to blame for this occuring to us?  Mostly ourselves, but I would put some blame on the church as well.  The "shepherds" love to keep their "sheep" ill-informed about spirituality and thinking for themselves so they can be manipulated easier to have the masses accomplish tasks for the church. 

Jesus of Nazareth did not intend for his followers on the top of the totem pole to keep the followers on the bottom of the totem pole to be in large numbers and very ignorant.  But that is what seemed to happen for the church, now it happens for everything else, the elitists on the top of the totem pole in every system, whether it be a corporation or government, are very small in number keeping the masses stupid so the rich can get richer and the poor can get poorer.  When somebody like me comes along to inform you guys of this, you just look at me and say "Yeah but what can I do about it.", and that's as far as it goes, it all stops there and the elitists go on their ways manipulating people to do their bidding.

I'm not trying to start a revolution or anything, but things do have to change.  I know that the elitists worked hard to get where they are in society and the masses of people are lazy and are willing to get told what to do.  But there is definately something wrong with that.  Please people learn to think for yourselves more often.  Since I'm telling you to do something right now, you don't have to listen to me, that's why you have free will, do what you wish but hopefully this message has an effect on your brain to make you start thinking for yourself.

To compare this to our infinite creator, as soon as it became self-aware that is when it created the universe.  Just imagine what we will accomplish when as a whole we become self-aware.

Love and light to all.

*I am not sure but I may have meant spiritually we are orange ray and our mind is yellow ray but I think I am right with the other way around.