Heres something that i got thinking about while listening to Romneys concetion speach, were he ranted against pornography and other things.

Why do religious people like christians and muslims always push for laws that forbd behaviors they consider "evil". Let us say for a second, that homosexuality, pornography, adultery and other "sins" are actually evil. What purpouse does outlawing them serve. If acording to these religious texts we are given free will and must chose "good" then how can we forse someone to chose good by law. Lets say a homosexual man has sex with other men, now lets say it is made illegal and he gets arrested for it, how does this make him any more "good", or lets say that he stops doing it for fear of geting arested he stil does not think its wrong so yet gain what purpouse does it serve.

Yet christians in america what to outlaw everything they dont like, and women in muslim nations get stoned for adultery. It seems like a contradiction to their own doctorine to forse someone to be good.