Constant themes in these pages and elsewhere, is that one single thing can fix us... Jesus, Allah, Jehovah, meditation, sunshine, energy, Love (Hi BC)... where is the elusive magic bullet? Everyone has an answer, but is one needed?. I contend that we don't need fixing in the ways suggested.. we are how we are. We can and should aspire to the better angels of our nature, we yearn to feel some broader connection to some form of continuity, and manage to codify these desires under many a multi coloured flag.We are part of a continual tapestry, a thread of life that joins the past humans to the future generations. I say there is no magic fix... we're not that broke. We have survived and prospered against the odds, and while we have pain and problems we also have beauty and trancendence. Let's face up to the reality of life and not overlay some expectation of winning the celestial lottery after we're dead.... we've already won it by being here. Atheists can participate in the search for meaning... we love, laugh, bleed, cry and make great art with the best of them.... and, in a majestic indifferent universe, that's enough. As I said to a pantheist friend.. we're alive now, no death required. We'll be dead sometime, no life required.