Are there any constants in life? I perceive the world as being cyclical like some sort of infinite spiral or scribble. Repetition seems to be the norm. All things seem to migrate towards and away from their polar opposites in varying degrees of severance often times becoming their own antithesis. Seasons change, trends come in and out of style (like music), day turns to night to revert back to day, hot to less hot or cold and vice versa, war to peace to war, healthy to sick and back again to healthy, happy to sad and back again to happy, perhaps passing through angry or bored or whatever. The point is that with all these shifting states of being is it not possible that life turns to death only to turn to…life? If we are to use our understanding of life as a template for what happens to us after we die, then what other religious belief makes more sense than reincarnation. Reincarnation would seem to be an exact microcosm of reality.


What say you?