So I ask you this. Why is it that shows like American Idol, Big Brother, the Mole, Survivor are such a big hit? You're seriously telling me that you would rather see a bunch of idots, act like even more idiots infront of everyone over a cool show like Daily Planet or Myth Busters or Star Trek. Where you actually have to think about what you're watching.
Star Trek is not just a show about Aliens and flying around space seeing cool things. That's just the cover so to speak. The inside is the underlying concepts that are dealt with. Diversity, ethics, culture and prejudism are common themes that are so outside the box, that most people who legitamately give it a chance really enjoy the often dry sarcastic humor and awww inspiring actions taken by the characters. Oberserving personal sacrifice and unselfish behaviours as well as the cool technology, fight scenes and thought provoking plot, I fail to realize how shows like Survivor and the Amazing Race, continue to draw crowds.

If you really want to see exciting, why don't you go out and play baseball or football and experience REAL thrill rather than fake reality thrill? Atleast, when I watch TV, I'm looking to be educated or provoked intellectually.