You probably can setup your own wind turbine. The Skystream 3.7 is supposedly an excellent small grid tied system for single family homes. It should be obvious why your power company would throw alot of red tape in front of you for trying to do this. Selling power is big business. A business that would be ruined if we all generated our own power. If the argument against turbines is aesthetics, it is being made by people who are apparently unaware of the industrial processes that currently deliver their energy. Ask them to visit an oil refinery or a coal fired plant. The people in these industrial towns would embrace wind turbines if it meant a few jobs, some tax revenue, or hell even if it would lower the cancer rates in their town just a little bit through pollution reduction. Saving the Earth is also a nice fringe benefit. Bird safety? These people are completely and I mean completely out of touch with the challenges facing our species in this century. There is the small matter of Physics so we do have to make sure the wind turbines can pay back their energetic manufacturing and installation costs and still have many years of useful life left. I believe they do with current technology although i am by no means an expert.