I personally am not a large participator in religion. I can't consider many religions as logical and plausible, it's just not how im set.

However I do have a good theory of why American youth are drawn to religion. There's actually a few reasons.

The first is family. Many families are Roman Catholic and the new generations are raised with it and either accept it or feel they are responsible to carry on the family tradition. I am a confirmed Roman Catholic but I only did so at the time cause I felt it was my responsibility, not my "unwavering" faith in "God". Other youths are brought up with it and accept it and really do believe in their family religion.

My second reason would be safety and the "there's something after this hell-hole" perspective. Think about it. Earth isn't currently the most friendly place and there must be something more. This would be the mentality of plenty religious youth. Conciously or subconciously. The reason they like religion so much would be that it gives them something to believe in. I will admit it would be a good therapeutic process. I started going to church for about a month only for the sense of the security. When your in church it's like the world outside doesn't exist.