Yes it does, and I believe we the people have to start practicing it first.  There has been too much Instant gratification in our country(ies).  Hey don't worry pay for it later or it only costs $xx/month.   that idea has gotten so many households into deep water that it is very difficult to get out of.  I have started this.  No more credit cards for me.  If I cannot pay cash then I cannot get it, as simple as that.  Then one we realize that borrowing it not all it is cracked up to be maybe, only maybe, then can we as a nation get fiscally reponsible.  Seems most of the states/provinces have gotten it.  now federal government needs to.  If they got back to the basics of why there is a governement in the first place that would cut costs so drastically that maybe that would help.

Anyway this is IMHO.