Great question, Vorr.

Any "camp" or individual who works to convert others is acting out of a self-centered need. They need to be agreed with, they need to sanctioned, they need to be proved right (though that is quite eluding for any of us).

Those that work to convert need to learn, understand that their actions are not different from a family member who insists other family members see things their way (about anything), or a "friend" tries to convince another friend of their loyalties (sports, partying, possessions, etc.)

The converter, believes they have such an important reason to do so they overlook the fact that they are disrespecting the individual(s) they are working to convince and lead towards their idea(s).

Take into account the missionary work, throughout history, that has gone too far by "selling" others on "their beliefs." As opposed to providing good works and support, and allowing the recipient to ask to know more and learn from example. And, as importantly, accepting when those they have selflessly helped, decide when they are or are not ready to convert.

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