In school they tell you that you are given John Locke's three unalienable rights: life, liberty, and property.  But no idea is necessarily a new idea.  I think it was understood that we as humans beings deserve certain rights all the way back to the days we were walking on all fours.  Even animals that we view as insuperior have a better idea about the 'rights' guaranteed to them.  Humans are the only creatures on earth that kill in cold blood, while the lion will kill the antelope to live, even if it seems cruel thats how life works for them.  We put people in chains  because they go against the rules we created or even because they disagree with us, while the eagle will share the sky with the sparrow and let them be free.  The only right we seem to acknowledge is property, because as animals we are instinctually territorial.  So, I think human rights may have come from animals.