A lot more than it should, otherwise we would've already had one ages ago. I don't know if anything is likely to get American citizens up in arms; the banks have probably figured now to keep us out of depression, since it's easier for most of the system to usurp money from us when everyone's feeling spendy and productive.

Let's shrink the world down in scale to the size of a very large house, every room in the house representing a nation and maybe 3 - 5 people in each room. We might create representational dilemmas based on real-world decisions made by each country in the house and view the effects these parallel situations would have on those within the house. It's my guess that it would take very few reproductions of modern American policies (both national and abroad) to get most of the entire house up in arms, including those few non-decision making members in the American room.

The thing is, it's a small world, but Americans are made to feel it is very large and alien. We may as well begin to think of the world around us as a house though really. America is just detached and alienated so much of the rest of it. One of the many large problems is the media. Suffering, as experienced practically all over the rest of the world, isn't humanized by the media except in those cases that humanization serves an American agenda.