Iraq?, health care?, energy?, the environment?, education?, immigration?, Security?, the war on terror?, the economy?, globalization?, taxation?, abortion?, stem cell research? ...?


Before you answer take a look at who our politicians are working for.  Follow the money ( , ,, just look around a bit and see who is investing in our representatives, and how much, and ask yourself who's representatives these REALY are.  The sad fact is that our leaders will solve the problems we ask them to, but they will only do so in a way that also benefits those they represent.  With very little investigation you'll find that there are a great many interests that invest heavily in both parties, ensuring that their interests will be served no matter which party takes Office.  This is the advantage of a two party system, fewer options for the people and fewer palms to grease.  I'm not asking that you believe me; I'm asking that you look at the data, and think about the two party system.  It's all right there for anyone who cares to look.


What should be the big issues of the 2008 election?

How do we get the government back into the hands of the people?  How can we dismantle the monopoly of the two party system and prevent money from driving our political system?


Until we get the government back into the hands of the sovereign citizenry, how can we expect it to act on our behalf?