I'm sorry, but potential energy is missing my point. What makes Gravity attract mass to itself?

I took physics and chemistry and algebra and took some tech school electronics & engineering in the early 80's. Kinetic & potential energies are easy concepts for me to grasp, but why does mass attract itself. Einstein describes what happens and his theories are so far correct in our current understanding of physics and he makes an attempt at WHY that is really just a description of what will always happen. Warping of space-time by mass is really a very weird concept that could explain what is happening with planetary orbits and the sun's (or any star) gravimetric pull. It describes exactly what will happen for planning spacecraft probes tragectories. This is not an explanation of the why, however. Why does matter attract itself like a "tractor beam" if you will?

this is a BIG PICTURE type question, not some high school physics question you can look up the answer to in ANY textbook. I feel if we could really understand WHY gravity does what it does, we could have a much easier time traveling in space and perhaps improve life here, too. Describing what nature does is easy, why it does it is much harder. Thank you for all your responses. Keep them coming if you think you GET my questions. I am 47 and a man, by the way.