I think the biggest problem many of us are concerned about is war.  For the people of the United States we are at war with a faction of the Muslim religion simply for what we believe.  World wide a differing of beliefs or religion seems to be the cause of most conflicts and justification for most attrocities.  As Americans we feel superior.  It is some of the "other" religions' beliefs that are causing the conflicts.

But we are holding those same beliefs.  Rev. David Benke participated in a multifaith service of healing after the September 11th attacks.  People of many faiths gathered at Yankee Stadium to try to heal some of the recent wounds from the incident.  Because members of other religions were present and prayers were said, members of the Lutheran faith petitioned to have Rev. Benke ousted for "participating in idolatry by being with non-Christians" at the time of the Prayers.  Others took up the call to have him fired.

I think that until we solve our problems with poverty and war, any tenet of any of our beliefs that seperates us have to go out the window.  There will be plenty of time to argue which religion is correct or who owns God's true word after we have solved these problems.

I think it should be safe to say that if there is a God that created us It created ALL of us.  None of us are special unless we are all special.  Can it matter what luck happened to bring you to your parents and the current religion you hold?  Look at your counterparts in another religion.  Can you really say if you had been born to their parents and raised as they had you would not believe as they do?  Can't we agree that no God worth worshipping would want anyone killed in Their name?

Can we agree on one message for all?  What do we feel is right deep down when we rid ourselves of hate and fear and go into the Godrealm that is love?  That We are all One?  Why do we so value art and literature?  Because it is our greatest truth.  Allowing us to connect with one another, to feel and be inspired, to live through others.  That is the true gift of family.  Learning to love others as you love yourself.  And the world is our family.