in a world of extremism instead of tolerance, lies instead of truth, money lovers instead of Globally giving, the culture of rejection and hate instead of the culture of respect and peace.

In a world of selfeshness instead of altruism, unfairness instead of fairness.

In a world that lackes of values, what becomes Justice?

Justice is not a Human beings concept. Justice like all values are mentioned in the Book. God created our planet with order so that His sons could live happily. Our life of happiness, respect, truth, dignity, freedom, justice, love, creativity and peace is His command. Human beings have put civic laws (justice) to manage the life of people in a just manner. In a corrupted world, values (Justice one of them) rarely finds a place amongst us, the people.

In a world of poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, oppression, environmental threats (i.e. water shortage) instead of Human beings wellness. 

what became the purpose of civic laws when people round the globe scream "Enough". Enough of madness and backwardness.