At present, just a nice idea. Globalization, as pursued by capitalists, has had a negative impact on the majority of countries it has extended to, "third-world" countries. I think that for globalization to be saved as an idea or to become ethical it would have to be altered from it's present state to have it's base in a cooperative or genuinely reciprocative system of economics. Capitalist ideology is an ideology that places emphasis on competition, and in any competition there is a clear winner and a clear loser. In world economic affairs, the winner is going to be the country already established as hegemonial, the one with the most, while the losers (those with the least) are those countries that also began with the least. I think a very big clue that globalization is a veritable disaster on the world-stage is that so many other countries have done all they could to resist it, even in the face of oppressive local military regimes (several of which accept money from America) and abject poverty - not that globalization helps with that anyway.