I am really responding to mr kenneth roth's opinion on the matter. Not to say that human rights in other countries aren't important, but in my opinion thinking like that makes less happen. Focus on what's directly around you and when that seems better move on, move forward, move outward. Alot of the reasons these things aren't being addressed is because the lack of resources people are given in order to do anything. I do believe there was a time before you needed a degree to accomplish anything, you were probably a doctor if you were good at it. However today no one (in america) has that oportunity. We are all stuck and sitting here believing that we are helping the iraq nation, by going over there instead of finding housing for the american homeless which number in the millions. Maybe, just maybe if we got all those people housing and taken care of first then they would be healthy and ready to help with other things, but right now in my eyes all we are doing by trying to impose our "help" on other countries is giving them the preverbial smallpox covered blankets, by showing them that we are so far gone as to push our beliefs on other countries and not even set an example of what we are pushing. Do as I say not as I do. Is that right america? Is that right Kenneth Roth? Well I know they need help, I just think we're going about it all wrong. I think people will respect help from a nation that is known for doing good things in and of itself. However that nation we are not. Thats all I want to say.