Growing up in the 60's and 70's, I remember that soda came in glass bottles that had a deposit, now soda comes in aluminum cans and plastic bottles that don't have to be recycled.  Milk came in waxed cartons instead of plastic bottles.  We have replaced many things over the years with petroleum based plastics. 

Do compact disks need to come in plastic holders, or could they come in cardboard sleeves?  Do we need to use Styrofoam for packaging and take out food?  Can't we use more eco-friendly containers?

I remember going into a small drug store in Innsbruck, Austria about 17 years ago.  One of things that I found very interesting was there were several different bars of soaps - all without a cardboard box.  Also, to save money, you could reuse bags at a department store's food department.  If you wanted a new plastic bag, it was extra.

I know these are pretty minor things, but I would imagine these little minor changes could make a difference.